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FX High Performance Program

Providing high performance athletes

with an innovative, high quality, and

competitive training advantage


FX High Performance Academy (FXHP), in conjunction with St. Francis Xavier
High School, is a program of the highest level that is dedicated to supporting elite caliber hockey players/athletes with their academic and athletic goals.

FXHP is built around the Hockey Canada 4 Pillars of Player Development:

Physical, Mental, Technical and Life Skills, and the
Hockey Canada Player Development Pyramid.

Program Highlights:

  • High quality instruction and progressive curriculum (on-ice and off-ice)

  • Access to state of the art equipment for performance and recovery

  • Personalized in-season programming which focuses on developing
    strength, power and speed 

  • Player education on nutrition, stress management, sport psychology,
    scouting and recruiting protocol

  • Elite athletes can maintain their registration within their hometown
    Athletic Clubs

  • Cost effective in comparison to other player development programs

  • 10 high school Credits Total 

    • 5 Credits for Physical Education 

    • 5 Credits for Sports Performance


On-ice Program Description:

On-ice, athletes will be working with players of high skill and determination. On-ice technical curriculum will be supported by video, document resources, presentations, and high-level instruction. The on-ice technical curriculum will be designed using Hockey Canada’s Player Development Pyramid as the framework. This includes:

Technical Skills:

  • Skating (Stride, Edges, Acceleration, Quick feet, Punch turns, Jab steps, Crossovers, etc.)

  • Puck-handling (Range of Motion, Extensions, Quick hands, Pulls, Pushes, Drags, etc.)

  • Passing (Range of Motion, Reception, Forehand, Backhand, Slip, Area, Indirect, etc.)

  • Shooting (Inside leg, Outside leg, In stride, Quick release, Deception, In-tight, etc.)

  • Checking (Stick checks, Separation, Hips through hands, Body checking, Protection, etc.)

Individual Tactics:

  • Offensive (1v1, Puck protection, Entries, Net Drives, Delays, Down-low play, etc.)

  • Defensive (1v1, Separation, Defensive habits, Active Stick, Using body as a tool, etc.)

Team Tactics:

  • 2v1 Skills

  • 3v2 Skills

  • Puck management/possession

  • Playing away from the puck (offensive and defensive)

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