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SKATE TO EXCEL offers the following Player Development services to its athletes:

  • Private Instruction

    • 1-2 athletes with 1 Instructor (lesson plan provided)

  • Semi-Private Instruction

    • 2-8 athletes with 1 Instructor (lesson plan provided)

  • Team Instruction

    • 10-20 athletes with 1 Instructor (lesson plan provided)

    • Team coaches are required to be on the ice assisting

    • Additional SKATE TO EXCEL instructors can be made available if desired

  • Video Analysis

    • Technical Skill and Individual Tactic analysis through video review. Submission of game footage is necessary (or an Instructor can attend a game and film for you)

    • A Development Plan will then be provided upon review of the game footage

  • Camps

    • Themed camps will be offered across the country at various dates and times. Please check in with our website regularly for updated information

These Player Development services are best utilized to develop/refine an athletes Technical Skills, Individual Tactics, or Team Tactics; through technical and corrective exercises, game applicable drills, and Small Area Games. Athlete Development services can address one or more of the following themed skill development areas:

  • Position Specific

    • Developing/Refining detailed skills related to a specific position. These sessions are suggested for older athletes who have a solid foundation of skills to build from

  • Skating

    • Stride work, Edgework, Balance, Agility (Acceleration, Escapes, Turns, Transitions, Stops, Starts), etc.

  • Puck-Handling

    • Range of Motion, Puck-protection, Deekes, Fakes, etc.

  • Shooting

    • Proper technique, Back-foot shooting, Front-foot shooting, Shooting in Stride, Deceptive shooting, Wrist shot, Snap shot, Slap shot,
      One-timers, etc.

  • Passing

    • Proper technique, Forehand passes, Backhand passes, Saucer passes, Passing lanes, Pass reception, Pass reception in motion, etc.

Please email for pricing and further information.

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