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SKATE TO EXCEL offers the following Coach Development services to coaches, conferences, development seminars, or minor hockey associations:

  • Coach Mentorship

    • Seasonal plan development, practice evaluation, game evaluation, and more

  • Coach Development Clinics

    • These clinics are 2 to 3 hours in length, consisting of 1 to 2 hours
      in-class and 1 hour on-ice. Specific themes (skating, creating offence, puck protection, defensive skills, and more)

These Coach Development services are best utilized to develop/refine a Coach’s ability to teach Technical Skills, Individual Tactics, or Team Tactics; through technical and corrective exercises, game applicable drills, and Small Area Games. Coach Development services can address one or more of the following themed skill development areas:

  • Position Specific

    • Developing/Refining detailed skills related to a specific position. These sessions are suggested for older athletes who have a solid foundation of skills to build from

  • Skating

    • Stride work, Edgework, Balance, Agility (Acceleration, Escapes, Turns, Transitions, Stops, Starts), etc.

  • Puck-Handling

    • Range of Motion, Puck-protection, Deekes, Fakes, etc.

  • Shooting

    • Proper technique, Back-foot shooting, Front-foot shooting, Shooting in Stride, Deceptive shooting, Wrist shot, Snap shot, Slap shot,
      One-timers, etc.

  • Passing

    • Proper technique, Forehand passes, Backhand passes, Saucer passes, Passing lanes, Pass reception, Pass reception in motion, etc.


Please email for pricing and further information.

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